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Student Research Grants

The Pembroke Center recognizes outstanding student research through an array of prizes and grants. There is no student application process for prizes, as those are awarded to students whose work is nominated by faculty, but the Pembroke Center invites applications from current Brown students, from any concentration or field, to apply for our research grants. 

Please see individual grant descriptions and guidelines. Students with projects appropriate for more than one grant may apply for multiple grants, although it is unlikely a student would be awarded more than one.

Grant applications are accepted in the Fall semester, and for the 2021-22 academic year are due on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

Important note for grants: The use of grant monies must comply with the most recent university travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Students should consult the Brown University policies and guidelines for current information.

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TAGS : Undergraduate

Undergraduate students doing an honors thesis involving community work related to the welfare of women and children are eligible to apply for the Barbara Anton Community Research grant. The grant provides $1,000 in research support.

TAGS : Undergraduate

The Enid Wilson Undergraduate Fellowship supports innovative research by undergraduate honors students from any department pursuing work related to women and gender.

TAGS : Undergraduate

The MacLeod grant supports undergraduate honors research on issues having to do with women or gender, or research that brings a feminist analysis to bear on a problem or set of questions. Students currently working on honors theses in any field are eligible to apply. The $1000 grant is to be used to further research.

TAGS : Graduate

Brown University's interdisciplinary opportunities support advanced graduate students. These opportunities provide an enhanced context for advanced doctoral students, allowing them to participate actively in the activities of interdisciplinary Centers and Institutes at Brown.

TAGS : Undergraduate

First awarded in 2008, the Linda Pei Undergraduate Research Grant supports an undergraduate research project related to issues of women’s empowerment such as gender equality in the workplace, access to reproductive health care, and women's political leadership. Research projects related to women in developing countries, such as micro-finance and access to education will also be considered. The $1000 grant is to be used to further research.

TAGS : Undergraduate Graduate External Ph.D.s

A research grant from the New England Regional Fellowship Consortium would allow scholars to obtain funding for research at participating archives, including the Pembroke Center Archives at Brown's John Hay Library.

TAGS : Graduate

Graduate Fellowships provide an enhanced context for advanced doctoral students, including the opportunity for presentation of work and benefits or critique from an exciting group of Pembroke Center Faculty Fellows, Postdoctoral Fellows and distinguished Visiting Fellows.

TAGS : Undergraduate

Pembroke Seminar Undergraduate Fellowships provide students with the opportunity to participate in a unique intergenerational and interdisciplinary learning community. Fellows engage with Pembroke Center Faculty Fellows, Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate Fellows, and distinguished Visiting Fellows, present work to the group, and benefit from high-level critique and discourse.

TAGS : Undergraduate Graduate

The Beatrice Bloomingdale Steinhaus ’33, P’60, P’65, GP’87, GP’91/Gertrude Rosenhirsch Zisson’30, P’61, P’63, GP’91 grants support undergraduate and graduate student research at the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women. Student research may be on any topic related to the work of the Pembroke Center, with preference given to research on women's education, health, community activism, philanthropy, and economic status, and women's rights and well-being in the United States and in developing countries around the world.