Pembroke Center

Graduate Student Editorial Proctorships

When possible, the Pembroke Center offers graduate students opportunities for professional development through proctorships with differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies.

The Pembroke Center hosts editorial proctors via partnerships with the Brown Graduate School. Proctorships with differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies enable students to learn about all aspects of journal operations through hands-on participation.

Proctors work closely with the editors to manage submissions, communicate with a broad array of feminist scholars, and acquire scholarly publishing skills and experience. Journal proctorships also allow graduate students to immerse themselves in theoretical debates that are germane to their own scholarship. From vetting submissions to proofreading typeset pages, proctors encounter new research and forge new academic and professional relationships.


The proctorship with differences presented an invaluable opportunity to demystify the process of academic publishing. Working with the journal exposed me to scholarship at the cutting edge of a range of academic fields and discourses, which aided me in clarifying the stakes of my own scholarly interventions.

Kristen Maye Ph.D.'23 Associate Editor and differences Proctor 2021-22
Kristen Maye Ph.D. '23

I was able to find full-time, well-compensated work because of my experience at differences. The work I did was broad enough to allow me to shift from academic publishing to managing the editorial desks for a popular magazine. I'm also a better writer because of it. Most recently, thanks to everything I learned at differences I was able to become a valuable member of a small team of editors in starting our own magazine.

Michelle Rada Associate Editor and differences IO Proctor 2018-19
Michelle Rada