Pembroke Center

Participate in the Pembroke Seminar

The Pembroke Seminar is interdisciplinary and intergenerational, and includes faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduates, visitors, and guests. 

We welcome scholars working in all disciplines and fields, including but not limited to political theory, visual culture, critical legal studies, Africana studies, diaspora studies, critical studies, critical race studies, anthropology, philosophy, literary studies, classics, history of art, cinema and media studies, music, gender and women’s studies, history of science studies, religious studies, and across all historical periods and traditions.

  • Brown undergraduate students (who have completed four semesters) and graduate students working in any discipline may apply for Pembroke Seminar Fellowships. Student fellows receive a $1,000 stipend for participation in the weekly, yearlong seminar. The 2024-25 application deadline for these fellowships is March 7, 2024.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students may also seek permission to attend for course credit only. Contact the seminar leader(s) to request permission permission. Students with permission should register for the Pembroke Seminar using these course codes: GNSS2010 (Fall), GNSS2020 (Spring).
  • Residential Pembroke Center postdoctoral fellows participate in the Pembroke Seminar as part of their year in residency.
  • Brown tenure or tenure-line faculty may apply for Pembroke Seminar Faculty Fellowships, and receive a $7,500 research stipend for participation in the weekly, yearlong seminar. The 2024-25 application deadline for Faculty Fellowships is February 15, 2024.
  • Faculty and guests who wish to participate in the Pembroke Seminar outside of the fellowship program should contact the seminar leader(s), and the Pembroke Center through
  • Tenured faculty members at Brown are invited to apply to lead future Pembroke Seminars. The seminar leader, who bears the title of Chesler-Mallow Senior Faculty Research Fellow, receives course release from two courses. For more information, email
  • In addition, up to three Interdisciplinary Opportunities graduate student fellows may participate in the Pembroke Seminar each year.