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Interdisciplinary Opportunities Fellowship

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Brown University's interdisciplinary opportunities support advanced graduate students. These opportunities provide an enhanced context for advanced doctoral students, allowing them to participate actively in the activities of interdisciplinary Centers and Institutes at Brown.

The Pembroke Center is able to host up to three 5th- or 6th-year Interdisciplinary Opportunities graduate student fellows.

Fellows participate in the yearlong Pembroke Seminar, which meets weekly. This rigorous, intergenerational seminar is a unique forum and learning community that asks participants from multiple disciplines to focus on a question of common concern.

Up to two of the fellowships will entail a teaching assistantship in the Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies course (GNSS 0120) in the spring semester. Students would be on fellowship in the fall term. An additional fellowship will be a proctorship for the journal differences. This is a half-time commitment spread over two semesters. Successful applicants are welcome to participate in all Center activities.

For more information, interested students should contact Pembroke Center Associate Director Wendy Allison Lee.

Students interested in the Interdisciplinary Opportunities program should contact the Graduate School for additional information.

2023-24 Interdisciplinary Opportunities Graduate Fellows

  • Thomas Dai

    Thomas Dai

    Ph.D. candidate, American Studies, Interdisciplinary Opportunities Fellow 2023-24
  • Dima Nasser

    Dima Nasser

    Ph.D. candidate, Comparative Literature, Interdisciplinary Opportunities Fellow 2023-24
  • Katherine Preston

    Katherine Preston

    Ph.D. candidate in English, Interdisciplinary Opportunities Fellow 2023-24