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Gender and Sexuality Studies Lecture

The annual Elizabeth Munves Sherman '77, P'06 '09 Lecture featuring a distinguished Brown faulty member

The Elizabeth Munves Sherman '77, P'06 '09 Lecture in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Each year, the Pembroke Center hosts the Elizabeth Munves Sherman '77, P'06 '09 Lecture in Gender and Sexuality Studies, featuring a distinguished Brown faculty member. Lecturers work in a wide range of disciplines, and present research that considers the impact of gender and sexuality across fields.

Emily Owens gives the Sherman lecture
Emily Owens delivering the 2023 Sherman lecture, "How She Begot the Violence: Making Violence Ordinary in the Antebellum Atlantic."


Upcoming Lectures

Past Lectures

Annual Elizabeth Munves Sherman ‘77, P’06 ‘09 Lecture in Gender and Sexuality Studies

2017/18 Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Modern Culture and Media, “Critical Data Studies: Proxy Politics from Global Climate Change to Racial Profiling”

2016/17 Tamar Katz, English and Urban Studies, “City Time: Nella Larsen’s Rooms”

2015/16 Tricia Rose, Africana Studies and CSREA, “Black Feminism, Popular Culture, and Respectability Politics”

2014/15 Bonnie Honig, Modern Culture and Media and Political Science, “Out Like a Lion: Reading Lars von Trier’s Melancholia with Euripedes and Winnicott”

2013/14 Richard Rambuss, English, “Kubrick’s Men’s Pictures”

2012/13 Karen Newman, Comparative Literature, “‘Is there a future in the past’”: Eventails de Bosse, early modern engraving and the Judgment of Paris”

Annual Gender and Sexuality Studies Lectures

2011 Kay B. Warren, Anthropology/Pembroke Center, “How Victims Come to Be: Human Trafficking and the Law”

2010 Lynne Joyrich, Modern Culture and Media, “Media Madness: Multiple Identity (Dis)Orders in Mad Men”

2009 Anne Fausto-Sterling, Biology and Gender Studies, “Gender, Sexuality, and the Problem of Memory”

2008 N/A

2007 Nancy Armstrong, English, “Gender Must be Defended”

Annual Gender Studies Lectures

2006 James N. Green, History, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, “Who is the Macho who wants to kill me?  Revolutionary Masculinity, Homosexuality, and the Armed Struggle in Brazil in the 1960s and 70s”

2005 Arlene Keizer, English, “Aunt Sally and Uncle Sigmund: African Americans, Dream Interpretation, and the Sense of the Future”

2004 Josefina Saldaña-Portillo, “‘Wavering on the Horizon of Social Being’: The Mexican, the Indian, and the Southwest in Ámerico Paredes’s George Washington Gómez

2003 Rebecca Schneider, Theater, Speech, and Dance, “Affect and Edifice: Reenactment in Patricidic Culture”

2002 N/A

2001 Madhu Dubey, English, “Postmodernism and Racial Difference”

2000 Lina Fruzzetti, Anthropology, “Home and Work: My Journey through Gender”

1999 Karen Newman, Comparative Literature, English, Women’s Studies, “Armchair Travel Women Reading Writing”

1998 Mari Jo Buhle, American Civilization, History, “Taking on the Vernacular: Feminists and Psychoanalysis at Century’s End”

1997 Lynn Davidman, Sociology, Judaic Studies, Women’s Studies, “On Growing Up Motherless”

1996 Carolyn Dean, History, “Politics of Pornography in Historical Perspective: France 1918-1940”