Pembroke Center

Reproductive Justice Collaborative

A working group for researchers working in reproductive justice across the university.

This collaborative on reproductive justice is convened by Sarah Gamble (Pembroke Center) and receives support from the Pembroke Center, the School of Public Health, and the Population Studies and Training Center. 

The RJC began as a group of faculty researchers at Brown meeting monthly to better understand and coordinate research work. The RJC now welcomes interest from Brown undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty. 

About our approach:

Reproductive justice is an intersectional analytic framework and social justice movement originating in and centering the work of Black, Indigenous, and feminist of color activists and scholars. It expands the framework of reproductive rights to a broader understanding of bodily autonomy, the right to parent in a safe and healthy environment and at a time of one's choosing, and the right not to become a parent. Members of this reproductive justice research working group come from a variety of disciplines and share in common a desire to better coordinate and amplify the reproductive justice research and advocacy happening at Brown.

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Image credit: Vvertuccio, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons