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About the Public Health Collaborative

Exploring the places where gender and sexuality studies meet public health research.

The Public Health Collaborative

Our current moment, well into a multiyear, tumultuous pandemic, offers up an unprecedented occasion for examining and understanding the relationships between self, community, and health. Historically grounded in humanities scholarship, the Pembroke Center has a unique opportunity to expand its critical exploration of difference into another, related discipline: public health. A new project of the Center, the Pembroke Public Health Collaborative aims to build strong relationships between the Pembroke Center and the public health community at Brown and beyond, opening avenues for dialogue, critical inquiry, and career exploration. Specifically, the Collaborative offers events and new academic opportunities for cross-disciplinary conversation and development at Pembroke.

About Sarah Gamble, Director of the Public Health Collaborative

Sarah Gamble

Sarah Gamble (she/her) is Visiting Assistant Professor of the Practice of Gender Studies. She has worked at the intersection of gender/sexuality studies, public health, and LGBTQ community health for two decades, in Edinburgh, Scotland; the Bay Area, California; and Providence, Rhode Island. She received her Ph.D. in queer theory from Edinburgh University.