Pembroke Center

Interdisciplinary Opportunities Graduate Proctorship

The Interdisciplinary Opportunities proctor at differences serves as an assistant editor in the offices of an award-winning scholarly feminist journal for ten hours a week for the academic year. The journal proctor works closely with the editors on submissions review and assists with editorial tasks such as manuscript preparation and proofreading. Candidates are fluent in critical or cultural theory and keen to follow current trends and debates in the humanities, especially in gender and sexuality studies. Proctors have excellent communication and organizational skills.

Students interested in this role can apply to the IO program, which is run by the Graduate School.


Thomas Dai


For the 2023-24 academic year, the Pembroke Center was delighted to work with Thomas Dai, who received his Ph.D. in American Studies in 2024. Prior to Brown, he earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at the University of Arizona and A.B. in Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University.


“ Journal work shows you a different side of academic work. This job disciplines you in the best way to be cognizant of deadlines, to be proactive, to develop communication skills. ”

Ashley Aye Aye Dun 2022-23 differences Proctor