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Each year, three scholars working in different disciplines come together for yearlong residential fellowships at the Pembroke Center, where they participate in the Pembroke Seminar, teach one undergraduate course and pursue individual research. Undergraduate students benefit from the cutting-edge courses postdoctoral fellows offer, and discourse at the Pembroke Center is deepened by the fellows’ projects and perspectives, as well as by the programming they create. Postdoctoral fellows further develop their teaching skills and work within a welcoming, collaborative, interdisciplinary and intergenerational group of scholars. At the same time, fellows can take advantage of the many resources at the Pembroke Center and the University as they advance their research projects.

2022/2023 Pembroke Center Postdoctoral Fellows

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Undergraduate Student Fellows

  • Jenna Cooley

    Jenna Cooley

    Undergraduate Student, Comparative Literature; Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • Zachary Ngin

    Zachary Ngin

    Undergraduate Student, Modern Culture and Media; Visual Art
  • Colin Orihuela

    Colin Orihuela

    Undergraduate Student, American Studies; Visual Art
  • Hsiao Shan Peck

    Hsiao Shan Peck

    Undergraduate Student, Anthropology

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2022-23 Interdisciplinary Opportunities Graduate Fellows

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