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Interdisciplinary Faculty Seed Grants

Funding Opportunities

The Pembroke Center interdisciplinary faculty seed grant program supports transnational research initiatives that involve faculty from the humanities, social sciences, creative arts, health sciences, and science and technology studies. In keeping with the Pembroke Center’s intellectual mission, these research initiatives will examine intersecting dimensions of difference such as gender, sexuality, generation, work, class, race, ethnicity, language, citizenship, and religion.

Grants are awarded in spring for projects the following academic year.

2023 Application deadline: March 1.

Goals of the Seed Grant Program

  1. Support the formation of focused interdisciplinary groups working across fields and academic divisions to creatively explore social issues and issues of representation.
  2. Encourage dialogue among scholars from different disciplines, with distinct theoretical and methodological approaches, in order to shed new light on larger issues.
  3. Incorporate intersecting dimensions of difference (such as gender, sexuality, generation, work, class, race, ethnicity, language, citizenship, and religion) into broader research agendas.
  4. Serve as a catalyst for developing research projects that may ultimately qualify for external grant funding.

Application Requirements

  • One faculty project director, plus a minimum of one additional faculty member from a different field
  • One-page bios of research group participants, including their disciplines, research interests as they relate to the seed grant application, and their other interdisciplinary projects
  • Title of research project and a two- to three-page description that details the central research questions, common themes, and project goals
  • A brief (one- to two-paragraph) abstract of the research project description
  • Plan to involve other faculty researchers, visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows, and students
  • Proposed budget of up to $10,000. Please list all current and pending funding from Brown and other sources related to the project.

Applicants should design their program to best serve their research goals.

Pembroke Center grants may be used for a mix of workgroups, symposia, and performances for collaborative exchange, visiting scholars, lectures, student research assistantships, small research stipends for the lead faculty organizer, and publication support. Groups must be anchored at Brown University but may include outside researchers. Preference will be given to projects that involve faculty across academic divisions.

Please send applications electronically to or deliver hard copy to:

The Pembroke Center – Box 1958
Pembroke Hall, Room 111
172 Meeting Street
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

Grant Process

  • The application deadline was March 1, 2023.
  • Award notifications were made in mid-April, 2023.
  • Awarded funds will be transferred to the research account of the lead Brown faculty member.
  • Funds will be available immediately.

Contact if you have any questions.

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