Pembroke Center

The 19th at 100

In 2019-20, the Pembroke Center and partners at Brown shared ways to explore the limits and possibilities of "universal" suffrage a century after the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

In 2020, the hundredth anniversary of the 19th Amendment, recognizing that countless hurdles prevent or deter women and people of color from voting, running for office, and participating equitably in political engagement, the Pembroke Center and partners at Brown launched The 19th at 100. The project aimed to help the Brown University community celebrate the progress made by generations of activists who worked for universal suffrage while taking a close look at the barriers that remain.

The Pembroke Center partnered with the Swearer Center and BrownVotes to provide resources and information to help voters register and vote during the 2020 election.

Black Women and the Vote


This Pembroke Center panel focuses on Black women’s political engagement and activism, from suffrage to movements for racial and gender justice.